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Sam transferred in from an out of county shelter because he has special needs. Sam has vision impairment, possibly caused by juvenile cataracts. He seems to have some peripheral vision, but difficulty seeing things right in front of him. This *may* be a correctable condition, but it is beyond the scope of any of our local veterinarians and would require a veterinary eye specialist. The shelter ...
Smokey arrived as a transfer into the Sammi Fund for Seniors, after a rescuer in a neighboring county saved him from being shot because he is "too old." Smokey says he knows he is a more mature boy, about 11 yrs old, and perhaps he is a bit on the portly side, but he still LOVES life and wants to find a new person to share his remaining years with. The volunteers adore Smokey, who is always des...
Kane is a 6 yr old Karelian Bear Dog (not sure if he is mixed with something, or pure breed). He came to Forget Me Not as a stray, and we were able to learn that he had been living on a chain (due to KBD's tendencies to run off in search of excitement), and his former owner gave him away to a backyard breeder a few days before he came to us. Turns out he had escaped from the BYB (good boy, Kane...
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